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Steri-CAT™ PPE

PolyCAT's highly antiviral Steri-CAT™ coating for PPE reduces the risk of cross contamination in working environments. ISO18184:2019 (antiviral) and AATCC100 (antibacterial) certified on multiple materials including non-wovens. Steri-CAT™ coated articles typically deactivate all tested viruses in under 5 mins post-contact, which is an outstanding level of efficacy.


Air-CAT™ IAQ filters  

Air-CAT™ filters actively scrub viruses and VOCs from airstreams, without the pressure reduction associated with HEPA filters. Easily retrofittable, without needing to change your HVAC plant.


Hydro-CAT™ Water Filters

Hydro-CAT™ catalytic filters actively destroy contaminants in waste water, rather than just adsorbing the problem.


Fresh-CAT™ Fruit Preservation Materials

Reusable Fresh-CAT™ modules for fresh produce preservation during transit. No toxic waste products to deal with, reducing losses and extending shelf life.


Spill-CAT™ Industrial Spill Kits

Spill-CAT™ catalytic adsorbent materials designed for easy management of hazmat spills and Chemical Warfare Agent disposal.

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