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Introducing Spill-CAT

A new dry approach to decontaminating chemical warfare agents

Spill-CAT is a dry decontamination powder tailored to neutralize chemical warfare agents (CWA).  The liquid CWA is rapidly absorbed and reactively destroyed. This end product can be safely transported for disposal by incineration or disposal in normal waste streams. 

Spill-CAT is available from Q1 2024 either as a bulk powder or integrated into a range of delivery formats.

NEW: Spill-CAT Kill Bag

The Spill-CAT™ ‘Kill Bag’ is designed to work in conjunction with Viper™ and Monica™ munition extraction tools from Valent Applications Ltd.

Agent is pumped into the bag using the munition access tool. The agent is then rapidly absorbed, and then destroyed over several days.

  • No abrupt exothermic reactions or off-gassing during operation.

  • Portable for ease of use (6-11kg capable of neutralizing 5L of agent - i.e. typical fill of 155mm shell).

  • Constructed with pressure-tested, robust, inert materials for durability.

  • Requires no water: simply fill with the agent and leave to work.

Available from Q1 2024

  • MMx for H/HD (Sulfur Mustard)

  • OPMx for GA/GB/GD (Tabun/Sarin/Soman) and VX

  • LMx for Lewisite/Arsenicals/mixtures


Kill bag approx weight 12kg per kit including all peripherals. Contact PolyCAT for pricing.​

NEW: Spill-CAT Munition Transport System

The Spill-CAT™ MTS provides a method of safely containing and transporting old CWA filled munitions found on land or at sea.

The shock absorbing liner protects the inner Spill-CAT filled core. Any leakage of agent from the munition will be adsorbed and destroyed by the Spill-CAT core.​

Available from Q2 2024

  • MMx for H/HD (Sulfur Mustard)

  • OPMx for GA/GB/GD (Tabun/Sarin/Soman) and VX

  • LMx for Lewisite/Arsenicals/mixtures

  • Multiple sizes available, capable of handling up to 155mm rounds

  • Tough shock adsorbing PP outer casing

  • Can be fed into incineration/detonation chamber destruction tool directly if required

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