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Introducing Spill-CAT

Destroy chemical warfare agents the easy way!

Spill-CAT is a dry decontamination powder designed to destroy chemical warfare agents (CWA).  It works by rapidly absorbing and then reactively destroying the agent via a catalytic route. The reacted end product can be safely transported for disposal by incineration or disposal in normal waste streams. 

Spill-CAT is available from Q3 2024 either as a bulk powder or integrated into a range of delivery formats.

Spill-CAT Kill Bag

The Spill-CAT™ ‘Kill Bag’ is designed to work in conjunction with Viper™ and Monica™ munition extraction tools from Valent Applications Ltd.

Agent is pumped into the bag using the munition access tool. The agent is then rapidly absorbed, and then destroyed over several days.

  • No abrupt exothermic reactions or off-gassing during operation.

  • Portable for ease of use (max size version capable of neutralizing 5L of agent - i.e. typical fill of 155mm shell).

  • Constructed with pressure-tested, robust, inert materials for durability.

  • Requires no water: simply fill with the agent and leave to work.

Available from Q3 2024

  • MMx for H/HD (Sulfur Mustard), YA, Lewisites

  • GMx for GA/GB/GD (Tabun/Sarin/Soman)

  • VMx for VX


Kill bag max weight 14.7kg per kit including all peripherals. Contact PolyCAT for pricing.​

Spill-CAT MTS (Munition Transport System)

The Spill-CAT™ MTS provides a method of safely containing and transporting old CWA filled munitions found on land or at sea. It can be used instead of the traditional technique of wrapping a munition wil Plaster of Paris.

The shock absorbing liner protects the inner Spill-CAT filled core. Any leakage of agent from the munition will be adsorbed and gently destroyed by the Spill-CAT core.​

Available from Q3 2024

  • MMx for H/HD (Sulfur Mustard), YA, Lewisites

  • GMx for GA/GB/GD (Tabun/Sarin/Soman)

  • VMx for VX

  • Multiple sizes available, capable of handling small grenades up to 155mm rounds

  • PFA inner with tough shock adsorbing PP outer casing

  • Can be fed into incineration/detonation chamber destruction tool directly if required

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